Hi, I’m Kyra Hennessy.

I am a Senior Graphic Designer based in QLD, Australia. I have been working at a senior level in a creative agency since 2018. I am a keen learner and will take the initiative to figure out how to do something if I am unsure. This has seen me expand and develop my skill set beyond Graphic Design. I now have professional experience in marketing strategy, social media marketing, copywriting, motion graphics, animation and video editing.
My passion lies with one of a kind designs. These are the special jobs where I can spend time working with the client perfecting their vision and creating something unique.
Outside of work I enjoy getting hands on with creative projects, I love prototyping, DIY, sewing and all sorts of crafts. For me there is something particularly rewarding about creating something.

Professional Skills:

• Logo Development - New or Rebrand
• Brand Assets - Graphics, Icons, Illustrations, Patterns
• Brand Guidelines - Set brand design guidelines

Digital Design & Marketing
• Web Design (not development)
• Digital Illustration
• Powerpoint Templates and Finished Presentations
• Digital Display Advertising - Design and Ad Build through Google Ads
• Youtube Advertising through Google Ads

Print Design

• Brochures, Flyers & Posters
• Business Cards & Letterheads
• Large Format Banners & Pull Up Banners
• Event and Promotional Merchandise and Display
• Booklets, Catalogues and Reports

Motion Graphics, Video Editing & Animation

• Title & End Sequences
• Lower Thirds
• Animated Logos
• Animated Illustration
• Stop Motion
Social Media Strategy and Campaign Building

• Strategy and Planning
• Campaign Build in Ads Manager
• Copy writing
• Ad Creative
• Business Manager & Ads Manager account setup
2014 graduate of Queensland University of Technology (QUT), with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interactive and Visual Design) with a second major in Architecture.
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